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28 September 2010 @ 10:08 pm
Hello everyone~ I've been a lurker for a bit and I love all of your posts here.

Sadly, I'm not Lolita. I stray more to the gothic/punk(moreso punk) area. I honestly don't think Lolita would look very good on me, but I would love to try it one day, and maybe prove myself wrong.

Okay, rambling much?


The catch? Right now I'm stationed in Everett but will be living in Silverdale at the end of October. I don't mind driving a bit, if you don't mind a little baby coming for a ride (he turns 1 this friday, woo!)

My credentials? I'm an official US Navy photographer. (Actually, that's only part of my job. I'm a Mass Communication Specialist and I cover photography, journalism, broadcasting, radio, graphic/web design, Public Affairs, etc)

My motive? One, I love photography. Two, I would loooove to take pictures of all of you. Three, I am building a portfolio for my package to send off and Maybe be selected for one of the military seats in the Photojournalism courses at Syracuse. Four, I STILL WANT TO TAKE PHOTOS OF YOU.

Just comment below or message me if you are interested, even a teensy bit and we can go back and forth through messages about making future plans.

I hope this was alright to post here.

Thank you all~<3
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28 December 2007 @ 06:47 pm
Unfortunately, by the time you add shipping...  Too much money when I can get a pair of cute patent ones at Payless.
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20 December 2007 @ 05:22 am
A great Gothic Lolita store.  
via guendolen_sama
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19 December 2007 @ 04:50 pm
Welcome to Gothic Lolitas of Oregon and Washington.  I am new at this owning a community stuff, so please be patient while I work out the bugs.
I have a lot of school, so I may not always be around much, but please post away!  I want this to be a community to be a fun place for fans of Gothic Lolita who live in Oregon and Washington state to get together and chat and get to know each other and trade and sell/buy Gothic Lolita clothing.
Please have fun :)  That's the only rule.
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